The Institute’s Information Technology Center is developed with latest software needed to teach the core as well as specialization courses. The Centre is developed with adequate number of systems with LAN and Internet facility. Students specializing in IT are intensively trained in Systems Analysis and Design, Windows XP, Windows – 98, MS Office 2007, Turbo C, C++, Oracle 9i, Visual Basic – 6.0, etc. Students are given Internet facility to access information and update subject knowledge. Locally available expertise of NIIT, APTECH, CMC and Universities is also tapped to train the students in latest I.T Skills. The configuration is updated with new software, from time-to-time in line with the subject & technology requirements and as per the advise of faculty and other experts.

IT Centre is headed by well qualified and experienced chief programmer who guides and counsels the students in their practicals and coordinates the centre’s academic programme.